The right to keep and bear arms. It is our responsibility to preserve this right, in order to protect and defend ourselves, and our families. As responsibly armed Americans we should all be alarmed at the tragic events happening way too often in this great country. The right to keep and bear arms gives us the ability to protect ourselves from such tragedy. We must fight to preserve this right, and not let it be infringed in any way. Welcome to Harmon Network.

The following is an opinion written on buffalonews.com about the NY Safe Act.
Time for New York State to repeal inane SAFE Act

Well, it is official, two of New York State’s “three men in a room” are convicted felons. The third man in the room allegedly called off his own corruption commission when it started to subpoena his major contributors.

These are the same people who, with no discussion, swiftly denied tens of thousands of lawful firearms owners of their right to pursue their hobby of firearms. These three men declared the matter a necessity and told their people they had to vote for it or else. Many of the lawmakers who voted for the NY SAFE Act did not even read the legislation before passing it because they did not have time to.

The SAFE Act, to date, is an enormous failure. Many people refuse to abide by it, a majority of the people do not understand it, the state has been unable to implement it and it has done absolutely nothing to abate gun violence. All it has done is to potentially make thousands of honest citizens felons, like the two people who went along with the governor to enact this piece of feel-good legislation.

Even the most anti-gun individual should be seriously concerned that two felons can implement anything that adversely affects everyone in the state so swiftly without any discussion.

It is time to repeal the SAFE Act and take the many millions of dollars that have not yet been wasted on it and put it into mental health, inner-city anti-violence programs and jobs. Furthermore, the elected officials should work with the gun owners and organizations to implement common-sense laws for gun safety that people understand and will follow.

Simon F. Manka


Update 2017


New York: Urge Your Legislators to Oppose S.470 and vote to repeal the SAFE Act
On Wednesday, January 4, the New York State Legislature began its 2017 Legislative Session. Several gun control bills had already been introduced by the end of the first day, and dozens more are expected by the end of session. Despite failed attempts to pass microstamping for over a decade, anti-gun lawmakers in Albany are once again trying to pass this unworkable, anti-gun legislation. S.470, sponsored by state Senator Jose Peralta, would do nothing to improve public safety as microstamping is easily circumvented by common household tools. The bill however, would severely impact honest, law-abiding gun owners by driving up the price of firearms and ammunition.